Why is the Orange County Baseball Camp the right choice for my child?

1. We hire fun, knowledgeable coaches with a love for the game of baseball. More importantly, they have a great time working with and teaching the campers. Our staff has experience coaching/teaching the game to both middle and elementary school age athletes.
2. The Camp is significantly more affordable than most other summer camps. Our cost is much lower than what others charge. Don’t be fooled! You don’t have to pay a ton of money for a top-notch camp!
3. Players will work hard, learn a lot, and have fun doing it.
4. The famous “World Serious”. Make sure you schedule time to visit during the Friday tournament…the kids love being cheered on!

What to Bring

  • All campers and those on the field must wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. It is recommended that all campers use the neck roll mask. Can be pulled up and down over the nose and mouth as needed. It will also help protect the back of the neck from sunburn and it will be nearly impossible to lose.
  • Baseball/softball glove, cleats (please, no metal spikes), bat, helmet (if you have these things). Mark all of your equipment with your name and phone number! Please let your player know to ONLY USE THEIR EQUIPMENT. Do not share hats, helmets, bats or gloves.
  • Sunscreen and a large WATER JUG – with your name on it!
  • Pack sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer.

Please let your players know to wipe down their equipment after each use.
Please sanitize the equipment each day after attending camp. Be sure to Lysol or wash their bags too. One parent suggested wearing batting gloves when handling the ball.


Week-long camps: Athletes 7 to 13 years old are eligible to participate.
Mini camp: T-Ball / Coach Pitch Players 4 – 7 years old.


Foothill High School
19251 Dodge Avenue, North Tustin, CA 92705

How to Register and Where to Send Payment

The registration form/medical release is located on the Enroll Now page of our site. Fill it out completely, send it along with your check made payable to Orange County Baseball Camp.
O. C. Baseball Camp, 11191 Brunswick Way, Santa Ana, Ca. 92705

How will we know if our registration form was received?

You will receive an email confirmation upon receipt.



It gets hot during the day and the players need to drink a lot of water! MARK EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! WITH A LAST NAME AND PHONE NUMBER!


Put it on before leaving the house that should be enough for their two hour camp day!


Baseball pants, cleats, glove, bat, baseball hat, any cool, comfortable t-shirt or jersey. Please let your players know to ONLY USE THEIR EQUIPMENT. Do not share hats, helmets, bats or gloves. MARK EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! WITH A LAST NAME AND PHONE NUMBER!


Gator masks are great for protecting the back of the neck from sunburn. Sanitizer should be used several times throughout the day.


Please come to the table to check your child in on day one. Please be on time. Feel free to come by anytime to watch the fun or use this time to run some errands!